"The Mentorship Programme not only helps me stay up-to-date with the scientific community, but is also a great resource for new job opportunities. Within the first month of joining, I found a great new job through the website and received valuable and helpful advice from Kristian himself about job interviews and my career."

- Julie (Twitter @Jalcroix)

Only £35/month
No contract. Cancel anytime.
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Or save £121 and get three Super Bonuses. £299/year, no refund.
Policies, terms & conditions

Less than the cost of one clinic hour!

Less than the cost of one coffee per day!

Bonus #1
Use of the Member stamp of approval immediately on your website to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional development.
Bonus #2
Instant access to selected partner discounts which could easily save you more than the cost of your Membership.
Bonus #3
Instant access to the Member directory - your ready-made contact list!
Bonus #4
Member downloads collection of resources which you can immediately download on to your computer. Everything already collated, all in one place.
Annual Member Super Bonuses...
Super Bonus #1 
Mentorship Planner for you to keep a close track of your progress and useful information 
(value: £27.99)*
Super Bonus #2
Access to monthly research reviews by the PhysioNetwork to keep you up-to-date and save you even more time (value: £73.99/year)*. 
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Super Bonus #3
Rather than struggling with where to turn next, the 12-month Programme of Development contains bite-size tasks to make you more knowledgeable, more employable and the best Practitioner; delivered at regular intervals for as long as you are a Member (value: £1,200)*

Please note: If you cancel your Membership then all content delivery  will stop including the Programme of Development.

*eligible after 30-days of Membership, as long as you are still a Member. Planner can only be claimed once and will be delivered to your PayPal address. Calculations into GBP.

How has the Mentorship Programme supported Naomi?

Naomi explaining the Mentorship Programme for Sports Therapy Pracitioners

mentorship FAQ

How is billing handled? To make things easy, your payment is automatically processed. No hassle and no fuss.

Do I need to stay for a set period of time? No, not at all if you pay monthly. You can cancel your monthly payment at any time. Annual Members pay for 12 months upfront, with no option of a partial refund.

Have Members seen results? Many Members have benefited from the Mentorship Programme. Please see the Member testimonials.

Who is the Mentorship Programme right for? The Mentorship Programme is specifically designed for Graduate Sports Therapists and practitioners working in performance sport.

Is the content released over time? You get access to the majority of the material instantly. You then get your programme of development delivered to you, with new content being posted regularly on various platforms.