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Doors re-open on 17th February 2020

If you are...

...feeling like your Sports Therapy career is progressing too slowly.

...struggling with clinical decisions.

...finding it hard to develop a network.

...struggling to find time to improve.

You are in the right place, because it is not your fault that you haven't reached your full potential yet
Join the Mentorship Programme for Practitioners just like you who want to save time while being more knowledgeable, more employable and part of a supportive community... 


Therapists who are action takers & want to be part of a supportive Community.

Therapists who want to gain clarity on their career and generate confidence in their ability.

Therapists who want to progress their career in the shortest possible time.

Therapists who have 10 minutes per day, or 60 minutes per week to dedicate to their progression.

Just ask Julie...

"The Mentorship Programme not only helps me stay up-to-date with the scientific community, but is also a great resource for new job opportunities. Within the first month of joining, I found a great new job through the website and received valuable and helpful advice from Kristian himself about job interviews and my career."

- Julie (Twitter @Jalcroix)

"Kristian has gone above and beyond what I expected him to do in order to help me since I signed up to the programme. During a Mentor Call he gave me great advice for an application I was working on and he even offered for me to send it to him to give feedback and comments to improve it, which lead too many emails back and forth. He didn’t restrict me to the amount of emails or corrections I was sending him and he happily and quickly responded. His mentorship website is also full of useful information, blogs and research as well as building a community of likeminded Sports Therapists that want to support each other. I can highly recommend the Mentorship Programme and advise you sign up. It has given me the Mentorship and guidance to continue to progress as a Practitioner that I felt I was missing since finishing University and going it alone."

- Amber (IG @sportstherapystudio)

Or Amber...
And see what other Members think too...

You can get the same results as Julie or feel supported like Amber, Gemma or Lesta, even if you only have 10 minutes spare per day.

The Mentorship Programme has been specifically designed with the aim of helping the best Sports Therapy Practitioners continuously improve and further their careers.


The Mentorship Programme allows you to ask questions to an experienced Mentor, find job opportunities directly in your Member area, create a network with like-minded professionals and read journal articles which will improve your practice. 

I know that you are busy, I fully understand. I will not waste your time, and I respect that you have made this choice to further yourself as a Practitioner. If you do not want to fully commit to the Programme or are looking for a quick-fix, then you are probably not the type of Practitioner that this Programme is designed to support. This is a clear pathway towards your dreams Sports Therapy career.


What Practitioner(s) are you like?
The good news is that the Mentorship Programme can help you resolve your weaknesses and capitalise on your strengths...

Jobless Joan


Strengths: She has lots of experience and achieved a good degree. 

Weaknesses: She doesn’t know where to look for jobs and is struggling to find the right job.

Clinic Clive


Strengths: He is juggling lots of plates and running a successful clinic. 

Weaknesses: Finding time in his busy schedule to improve on a personal level. 

Lonely Lionel


Strengths:  He is enthusiastic about the profession and wants to climb the career ladder. 

Weaknesses: Feels a bit isolated and unable to build a strong supportive network. 

Lost Lucy


Strengths: She is willing to work hard and motivated to achieve in her career.

Weaknesses: Rubbish with directions, particularly in her career. 

Practical Pete


Strengths: He has excellent practical and hands on skills with patients.

Weaknesses: He lacks theoretical knowledge and does not know the best way to develop.

Sportsclub Steve


Strengths: He has exceptional knowledge of sports injury and immediate injury management. 

Weaknesses: He is stuck in one area and is losing knowledge in other areas of Therapy. 

Nerdy Nelly


Strengths: She has excellent theoretical knowledge.

Weaknesses: Finds practical application of knowledge difficult and to network with practitioners. 

Timeless Tim


Strengths: He says "yes" to every event and conference; he eats, sleeps and breathes Therapy. 

Weaknesses: Time management is a major issue and he needs to improve his organisational skills. 

Plateaued Patricia


Strengths: She has managed to carve a career out for herself up to this point.

Weaknesses: She has now reached a plateau in her career and is struggling to make further progression. 

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy

MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology

Lecturer in Sports Therapy

I  was a distinctly average Sixth Form student who didn't know how to revise, write to answers to examination questions or appropriately plan my work.  

When I embarked on my Sports Therapy journey I found something that I enjoyed and was willing to work incredibly hard at, however, up on graduation I was lost, unsure of what path to take and missed the guidance and structure of University.

Some of the questions that I was asking myself:

How should I network and create a community with other professionals?

How do I keep up-to-date with current research?

How do I keep an eye on Sports Therapy jobs?

I was lucky... I had people around me who were able to support my career pathway and I managed to figure it out with lots of mistakes on the way.


I had gone from average Sixth Form student to working with Olympic athletes.

From someone unable to revise to working with Great Britain athletes on National Television.

To someone who was leading meetings for the Governing Body, setting up private business, Lecturing at several Universities, working with professional football clubs and importantly...

setting up the Mentorship Programme.

The Mentorship Programme is a combination of two years of hard work to put all of my experience in to a step-by-step process with the aim to develop established Practitioners. My aim is to assist you on your way to being recognised within the sports medicine environment, avoiding my mistakes and pitfalls by sharing my knowledge in a step-by-step process and importantly...making you the best Practitioner possible!

I have created a step-by-step pathway towards your dream job opportunities with clear objectives and aims.

1 | Journal club

Save time and effort by quickly accessing six high-quality, specifically-selected journal article references for your continuous professional development, taking the hassle out of staying up-to-date.

2 | activity & JOBS hub

Forget having to spend hundreds of £££ and hours of time attending conferences to network. The Activity Hub gives you the opportunity to see jobs in the sector, create connections and join in conversations with like-minded Practitioners.


Get your time back. I share my secrets in short, concise videos and Facebook Live sessions to support you to be more knowledgeable and employable.

4 | MENTOR call

If you want to talk with me personally about your career or professional development or business then you get access to a Mentor Call each and every month.

5 | private facebook group

How many times have you heard 'it's not what you know, it is who you know'?

We have a Private Facebook group where you can talk with myself and other Members to easily network and get ideas for your business or patient treatment in a supportive environment.

Supporting you to create your sports therapy future...
1 | Journal Club
value £30/month
2 | Activity & Jobs Hub
value £30/month
3 | Tutorials
value £30/month
4 | Mentor Call
value £50/call
5 | Private Facebook Group
value £30/month
Total cost: £170/month
You only pay £35/month
No contract. Cancel anytime.
Policies, terms & conditions

Less than the cost of one clinic hour!

Less than the cost of one coffee per day!

Or save £121 and get three Super Bonuses. £299/year, no refund.
Policies, terms & conditions
Bonus #1
Use of the Member stamp of approval immediately on your website to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional development.
Bonus #2
Instant access to selected partner discounts which could easily save you more than the cost of your Membership.
Bonus #3
Instant access to the Member directory - your ready-made contact list!
Bonus #4
Member downloads collection of resources which you can immediately download on to your computer. Everything already collated, all in one place.
Annual Member Super Bonuses...
Super Bonus #1 
Mentorship Planner for you to keep a close track of your progress and useful information 
(value: £27.99)*
Super Bonus #2
Access to monthly research reviews by the PhysioNetwork to keep you up-to-date and save you even more time (value: £73.99/year)*. 
Find out more here.
Super Bonus #3
Rather than struggling with where to turn next, the 12-month Programme of Development contains bite-size tasks to make you more knowledgeable, more employable and the best Practitioner; delivered at regular intervals for as long as you are a Member (value: £1,200)*

Please note: If you cancel your Membership then all content delivery  will stop including the Programme of Development.

*eligible after 30-days of Membership, as long as you are still a Member. Planner can only be claimed once and will be delivered to your PayPal address. Calculations into GBP.

Trusted by clinic owners and Practitioners...

mentorship FAQ

How is billing handled? To make things easy, your payment is automatically processed. No hassle and no fuss.

Do I need to stay for a set period of time? No, not at all if you pay monthly. You can cancel your monthly payment at any time. Annual Members pay for 12 months upfront, with no option of a partial refund.

Have Members seen results? Many Members have benefited from the Mentorship Programme. Please see the Member testimonials.

Who is the Mentorship Programme right for? The Mentorship Programme is specifically designed for Graduate Sports Therapists and practitioners working in performance sport.

Is the content released over time? You get access to the majority of the material instantly. You then get your programme of development delivered to you, with new content being posted regularly on various platforms.

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