How does a Mentorship benefit a Sports Therapist?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

By definition a Mentor is someone who is an 'experienced and trusted advisor' and 'a knowledgeable person within an area of expertise'.

I think back to when I graduated as a Sports Therapist (what seems like a lifetime ago now), but when I have dusted off the cobwebs, I remember feeling as though I was entering a different world. A world where I could potentially get lost in a professional that does not have clear answers on how to treat a patient, rather a murky grey environment with various opinions. I was confident of the information I had gained during my three-year Sports Therapy degree, but apprehensive about the information that I did not know. I was now qualified into a profession with practitioners who had been doing the job for years, even decades. I was lucky. I had lecturers who I could still contact as well as supportive colleagues within professional football (soccer) who guided and advised me. I also had the privilege of going on a scholarship through The Society of Sports Therapists to Canada where I was supervised and directed by experienced Athletic Therapists… a time which, looking back, propelled me forward in my career.

On the 1st July 2018 I launched the Mentorship Programme which has since changed to The Online Sports Therapy Community to reflect the strength of using the Community to support Practitioners. This is something which I am passionate about. It is an opportunity for Sports Therapy Practitioners to access a journal articles, an Activity Hub for networking and job posts, short tutorial videos, Mentor calls, and a Private Facebook Group for discussions.

The reason for the development of these areas comes from my own experience and how I felt when I graduated. Important journal articles would have provided me with key information delivered in manageable amounts, which were specifically picked to challenge my current thought processes. Asking a Mentor, a Private Facebook Group and Tutorial videos would have given me access to years of experience and the opportunity to ask questions that I had about specific patients, injuries and improving athletic performance. Finally, the Activity Hub would have allowed me to introduce myself to like-minded professionals, to get access to work opportunities and know what events to attend.

If you would like to know more about The Online Sports Therapy Community click here.

I hope that you will join the community to help support and guide you through your career.


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