What does it mean to be a supported athlete?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Alex Nicholson part of a growing number of athletes competing in Ultimate Frisbee with competitions on both grass and sand. Alex explains what he is up to next...

Currently, I am preparing for the inaugural WFDF 2020 World Masters Ultimate Championships next September. I will be competing on the Great Britain Masters Mixed Team. The competition is being held in Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia - which will be an awesome experience in itself.

"As a supported athlete I feel confident"

I know that through the expert support that Kristian provides, I can train, compete and push day-in, day-out without fear. The tailored advice that I receive and the access to treatment when required has really helped my athletic development.

The experience that Kristian has to push me when required, but also to train intelligently gives me faith that I am on the right course. Furthermore, Kristian not only teaches me about any injuries I sustain and how I can manage them, but additionally has guided me through traumatic injuries to help me push forward in my sporting career. Every session I come out a little bit smarter, I know more about my body and that is invaluable because it is this information which allows me to truly improve as an athlete.

"Trust in the process"

I am so excited to be supported by Kristian (www.kristianweaver.com) during this epic journey, confident in the knowledge that I have an expert practitioner looking after my body and educating me along the way.

Bring on Australia!