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Do you experiment on social media platforms?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Social media platforms were created to replicate social interaction.

But over time many users become the consumers of content, endlessly scrolling through pictures, posts and videos.

Others become content creators, you know the ones… you click on their content or their profile to see what value you can get.

Maybe that is how you ended up here, reading this blog.

I have experimented with many different methods of content creation and engagement with varying results.

Importantly, I try to limit the time that I scroll.

Ultimately I want to become a creator not a consumer.

Here are some things that I am doing right now to make social media work for me:

  1. I have turned on the notifications for ‘important’ people that I want to interact with (search for information on 100 perfect people).

  2. I’m posting high value content within my blog to bring people to my website… with teasers in my social posts.

  3. Limiting my scrolling time to 30 mins per day.

  4. I am making connections and maintaining my professional relationships in the comments rather than just hitting the like button.

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