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How to become a better Sports Therapist even if you don't have much time

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Finding the time for self development can be challenging...

I personally didn’t realise how much time I was missing out on. It used to be a constant battle with trying to manage workloads, writing patient notes, booking patients in, organising future events, replying to emails, the list goes on... and at the end of it I hadn’t even started to look at my CPD, it read that blog or listen to that podcast.

That was until...

I set a-side 10 minutes per day to improve myself (or a total of 60 minutes per week, yes I was allowed one day off!).


So below is my list of activities that you could select from in your 10 minutes of self-development time, so that you can start to make a habit of becoming a more successful Practitioner.

Here we go...

1. Read a Journal article

2. Highlight key points in a Journal article

3. Interact with Practitioners on social media

4. Ask other practitioners how they would have treated a patient from your clinic (obviously maintaining confidentiality)

5. Discuss a case study with your team

6. Plan your next three social media posts

7. Write a plan for your next blog

8. Seek out high quality YouTube videos that can inform your practice

9. Listen to 10 minutes of a podcast

10. Check your patient notes are up to date

11. Check your finances are up to date

12. Research a new product you are thinking of buying

13. Give your mentor a call

14. Read an expert opinion blog

15. Write in your planner

16. Organise your emails

17. Set yourself clear goals for the rest of the week/month

19. Make a small change to your website

19. Revise musculoskeletal anatomy of one joint

20. Plan your upcoming CPD

21. Review your business plan

"I personally didn’t realise how much time I was missing out on."

What to do now?

Let me know what you will do in your 10 minutes...


Are you looking to progress your Sports Therapy career?

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