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Could your patients journey be better?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We often talk about a patient journey or their return to fitness/practice.

I like to frame in the the context of a patient development pathway.

Development indicates that there are elements of progression, which inevitably there are across the recovery continuum.

Development also indicates to the patient that there will be stages (or goals) to be achieved prior to moving on.

Within a development pathway you must also consider that there is feedback and outcome measures, all which can contribute to effective rehabilitation.

Some basic questions that you can answer yourself when planning out a patients development pathway are:

  1. What is the end goal?

  2. What are the stages along the way?

  3. What will the outcome measures be for each stage?

  4. How will the patient be involved in the planning?

  5. How will you assess whether the patient is ready to return to activity/sport?

  6. Is there a plan B if the outcome is not achieved?

Let me know in the comments the other questions that you ask yourself when putting together your patient development pathway…

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