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5 things your Sports Therapy website is missing

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t afford a company to build a website for you, that could handle payments and bookings.

Back in 2013 I started to build my personal/business website on platforms with templates - in the beginning they were very basic with limited features.

I researched and learnt from those building websites. What should be going into them? Where should I be placing different elements? How can I link everything together?

I then started looking around and noticed that many health/clinic based websites were really difficult to navigate, often with formatting issues and overlapping text, or buttons that didn’t work.

I have since gone on to build websites on #Wix, #squarespace, #kajabi and #leadpages.

So what 5 things do I notice missing (or needing to be improved) from Sports Therapy websites?

  1. Putting a call to action button on your homepage - what do you want people to do. Try to make this ONE action.

  2. Talk to the customer/patient about their problems/injury and how you can solve them, not about yourself and all of your accomplishments.

  3. Use testimonials and reviews to demonstrate social proof.

  4. Don’t put all of your social media links at the top of the page - this can be distracting and lead to someone going off your page - we all know what happens once someone gets immersed in social media!

  5. Include an FAQ section that answers the most common, basic questions that you get asked - it can save you responding to time consuming emails.

Please note: I am currently in the process of updating and building my website and incorporating the ideas above ⬆️ Keep checking in to see how it develops.

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