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The power of connection

Updated: Aug 22

As I continue on my Sports & MSK Therapy journey, I meet so many people including talented academics and practitioners, it becomes more evident you need the power of connection. 

Connections can come in all different shapes and sizes, whether it be through research, working together, or through mutual acquaintances.

One thing is certain, connections can take us in all different directions. 

A chance meeting could lead you to an employability opportunity. An introduction may develop a research idea. 

Importantly, connections can enrich our lives so that we can continue our journey forwards. 

We now live at a time when we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. Although this is generally a good thing, sometimes we can become overwhelmed with the number of connections that we have and therefore don’t engage with them effectively. 

How much would you be willing to pay to have key connections all in one place? 

If you want to take your connection to the next level, a level where you can trust and support each other without the fear of harsh criticism, then it is important to seek out a supportive platform where you can speak freely and ask questions. 

What I have created through the Thrive Programme is a platform where Sports & Musculoskeletal Therapists can come together to elevate each other. A platform where you can be connected. A platform where you can feel supported. A platform where your future journey may be created. 

If you were surrounded by the right people, where could you go in your career? 


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