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The ugly thruth about your business numbers



The ugly truth is…


Many of us don’t know the numbers associated with our self-employed or clinic business.


Whether it is a lack of education on the business side of things, or just that we think that the numbers will take care of themselves, they can often be left alone.


But when you start to understand your numbers, you can start to think like a businessperson and importantly… start to improve your business.


Recently in a business membership I am part of, they highlighted some key numbers to be aware of…


1.     How much profit was made in the previous month?

2.     What is your break-even amount?

3.     What is your gross profit (after all expenses paid)?

4.     What is your cashflow?

5.     How much does it cost you to acquire a new customer/patient?

6.     How does your month compare to previous months?


Would you be able to answer these questions?


It is definitely worth thinking about if you are looking to move your business forwards.



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