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Who is your customer?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Every single marketing and training course that I have attended has emphasised the importance of knowing your ideal customer avatar (the person who you want to sell your products or services to). Some have even gone as far as to name their avatars, and whenever they design a new products or service they run it by them - does this serve my avatar? Will my avatar buy this? Will it add value?

Then I started listening to Blue Ocean Strategy on audible - if you’re anything like me then you don’t have time or the brain capacity to sit down and read a book.

And a line jumped out at me…

Shift your buyer group to unlock new revenue.

Obviously this needs to be carefully thought out and planned, but I wondered how many Sports Therapists sell to a single patient and how many are expanding their reach through links with companies, or referral contracts with sports clubs for their players.

There are so many opportunities to utilise the skills from Sports Therapists to support and add value to the wider population who are typically physically active.

I once had a meeting with a chef to discuss how we could develop an ‘athletes night-in’ which combined sports massage treatment with the cooking of delicious, healthy food, all within their own home!

We didn’t get past the planning stage, but I am sure there are some opportunities out there.

Have you found a new strategy that is working well in your Sports Therapy business?

Have you combined Sports Therapy and something totally different?


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