Powerful and professional networking for Sports Therapy Practitioners

What Practitioner(s) are you like?
The good news is that the power of the Community can resolve your weaknesses and capitalise on your strengths. Do you recognise yourself?

Jobless Joan


Strengths: She has lots of experience and achieved a good degree. 

Weaknesses: She doesn’t know where to look for jobs and is struggling to find the right job.

Clinic Clive


Strengths: He is juggling lots of plates and running a successful clinic. 

Weaknesses: Finding time in his busy schedule to improve on a personal level. 

Lonely Lionel


Strengths:  He is enthusiastic about the profession and wants to climb the career ladder. 

Weaknesses: Feels a bit isolated and unable to build a strong supportive network. 

Lost Lucy


Strengths: She is willing to work hard and motivated to achieve in her career.

Weaknesses: Rubbish with directions, particularly in her career. 

Practical Pete


Strengths: He has excellent practical and hands on skills with patients.

Weaknesses: He lacks theoretical knowledge and does not know the best way to develop.

Sportsclub Steve


Strengths: He has exceptional knowledge of sports injury and immediate injury management. 

Weaknesses: He is stuck in one area and is losing knowledge in other areas of Therapy. 

Nerdy Nelly


Strengths: She has excellent theoretical knowledge.

Weaknesses: Finds practical application of knowledge difficult and to network with practitioners. 

Timeless Tim


Strengths: He says "yes" to every event and conference; he eats, sleeps and breathes Therapy. 

Weaknesses: Time management is a major issue and he needs to improve his organisational skills. 

Plateaued Patricia


Strengths: She has managed to carve a career out for herself up to this point.

Weaknesses: She has now reached a plateau in her career and is struggling to make further progression.