Fit Woman with Headphones
Fit Woman with Headphones

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Talk and connect with supportive and helpful practitioners, so that you are no longer on your own.

Help with your career or clinic business growth so that you can learn what is working and implement it at supersonic speed.

Reach your career goals while avoiding barriers and mistakes that others have made.

Improve your knowledge so that you can boost your career prospects.

Valuable resources to support your personal and professional growth all in one place.

Earn the salary that you deserve and stop worrying living month to month.

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The website is full of information.
- Amber G., Worcester

Within a month I found a great new job.
- Julie L., Oxford

The best decision I made.
- Naomi H., Gloucester

I feel less isolated and more confident.
- Gemma P., South Coast


13 years as a Sports Therapist working with a variety of patients and leading medical departments.

7 years teaching and researching sports injuries

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy - First Class

MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology - Distinction

Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education

Director & Vice Chair of The Society of Sports Therapists

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